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We start off like one of those stories that begins with "It was a dark and stormy night..." only to be greeted with the infamous Bat Signal in the sky. Speeding through the streets of Gotham, the Batmobile heads towards Arkham Asylum. We're greeted by Warden Sharp, Frank Boyles and some Arkham guards. Batman drops off the Joker who is immediately strapped to a handcart by the Arkham guards. Controlling Batman, accompany the guards as they wheel the Joker through the lobby. After being scanned for weapons and other foreign objects we meet Dr. Penny Young and Aaron Cash another Arkham Guard. Continuing your way through the Cell Block Transfer and towards Secure Transit, we wait for an elevator, where Killer Crocs squeezes out of the elevator and tells Batman that he has his scent. Taking the Joker into the elevator with the armed guards, a small blackout emerges, Batman takes no chances and holds the Joker by the throat to the wheel cart.

Leaving the elevator we're greeted by Commissioner Gordon. Batman tells Gordon, that the Joker didn't give much of a fight, as though he wanted to be caught and brought back. He doesn't like it and fears the worst is to come. One of the guards and a doctor takes the Joker into the Holding Cells, the guard tells Batman that he cannot enter past this point in fear that he would agitate the other inmates as they take the Joker into the Holding Cells. The security door locks, and they continue their way. The Joker collapses to the ground, and suddenly wraps his handcuffs around the guard and chokes him dead and knocks out the doctor and vanishes into the depths of the Intensive Treatment facility with the help of Harley Quinn who unlocks the door for her Mr.J;  Batman wasting no time on waiting for the security door to unlock, punches out the window and jumps in pursuit of the Joker.