Update - Dec. 13, 2009
Batman Arkam Asylum 2 announced. You can view the HD trailer or visit the New Offical Site for B:AA2.
Update - Dec. 13, 2009
The site's been constantly going through updates, in the form of edits and new additions. I've added the completed FreeFlow Combat section under Basics. I'm working on finishing the Walkthrough section so that I can upload the rest of the site such as maps and character bios which have already been completed.

Update - Nov. 28, 2009
BATMANARKHAM.NET domain address purchased, and the site is on it's way to being completed. Major sections that are incomplete are the Walkthrough, and Challenge mode, the rest of the other sections are that linked are either completed, or I haven't uploaded the major pictures yet as I want to wait for the Walkthrough to be completed first. Stay tuned.

Update - Sept. 20, 2009

This update's for you Debo :p
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