Strikes are the basic method of offense for Batman and is the main move of two that continues the FreeFlow combo allowing chains. Simply press the Strike button at a target and continue to press the Strike button and the direction of attack multiple times, allowing Batman to perform a series of punches, kicks and other strike attacks based on the situation. Lengthy combos with Strikes will land critcal hits with the WayneTech Upgrade: Critical Combat Strikes.

Can be used as a Variation Starter: YES
Counts as a Hit: YES
Once you have a 2-Hit Combo, Batman can perform Power Strikes. Each time you perform a Power Strike, Batman will leap across the screen and find the nearest enemy that he's facing and attack them. There is no limit as to how far Batman will travel to perform these attacks, they are usually leaping superman punches, jump kicks, hand stand kicks, sweeping kicks, etc...

After upgrading the Critical Combo Strikes upgrade through WayneTech, Batman's strikes can now do critical damage. Simply build up a 3-Hit Combo (Doesn't matter how the combo is achieved), to execute a Critical Combo Strike, just tap the Strike button once, after your last move. This means you can't mash your Strike commands, and that you have to wait until your last move is complete, before you tap the Strike button to execute a Critical Combo Strike. Each Critical Combo Strike will always knock an enemy to the ground with a brief stun period. Critical Combo Strikes counts as 2-Hits which will help with allowing Batman to perform Special Combos moves often.