Gained through WayneTech upgrades, the Special Combo Throw allows Batman to grab an enemy target and throw him at an aimed location, which can knock down multiple targets in the process. This move can only be done once your combo counter has turned YELLOW, as this is considered a special combo. Simply press both the Strike and Counter buttons simultaneously at a target and aim him at the location where you want to throw. Performing this move will make Batman invulnerable to attacks until the move has been completed.

Can be used as a Variation Starter: NO
Counts as a Hit: YES
After Batman grabs an enemy and is about to throw him, you have some time to aim. Throwing an enemy into another enemy will knock that enemy down with significant stun time. Once Batman has begun the animation for this move, he is in an state of invincibility where other thugs cannot attack or stop him, except with gunfire (gunfire will not stop Batman's Special Combo move, but it will reset the Combo counter and deal damage to Batman). However, Titans or bosses can still attack Batman while he is in this mode. When they're present, Titan Charges are particularly dangerous during the lengthy throw animation. The Throw cannot be activated if there are no standing enemies in the direction Batman is facing. Once activated, the Throw cannot fail, it's unblockable and will also ignore Stun Rods, and if all of the enemies are out of Batman's range he will continue to leap multiple times until he finds an enemy to throw. Only Titans or Bosses can stop this move.