Considered a variation combo, Batman grabs or jumps on top of a downed enemy and knocks them unconscious. This move immediately takes out a downed enemy when they are in prone position, point to the direction of the target and hold down the Grapple button and press the Counter button. You can perform this move as a variation combo during Power Strikes from a distance on a target in leaping distance of Batman as long as they are in prone position causing you to continue your combo streak with the Ground Pound. Performing this move makes Batman vulnerable to attacks, so you will need to time this move accordingly.

Can be used as a Variation Starter: YES
Counts as a Hit: YES
If Batman attempts a Ground Pound when he is not in Power Strike Mode and no enemies are near him, it will count as a Failed-Move. Once Batman has landed on an enemy and begun the Ground Takedown, the combo meter is extended. However, if Batman has to move (not leap) to an enemy who is down, the travel time is counted against you as a Time-Out Fail. In other words if you do a Ground Pound and Batman does not reach the enemy before 1 second has passed since your last combo extension, you will hit a Time-Out Fail. Also, if Batman is forced to leap a great distance to a downed enemy, he will sometimes miss. These are both good reasons to only use Ground Pounds when enemies are close by. Also, if Batman leaps to do a Ground Pound while an enemy is standing and achieves its full standing status before Batman lands on them, he will simply land next to them and it will count as a Failed-Move ending the combo streak.