Considered as a method of defense and a variation, dodging allows Batman to avoid being attacked, get out of situations where it's too crowded, or jump over a target to get in better position. This move is a variation and should be immediately followed with a different move to continue the FreeFlow combo. This move is very useful in avoiding bad situations where you're being attacked that is not counterable, surrounded or to avoid objects that are being thrown at you.

Can be used as a Variation Starter: YES
Counts as a Hit: NO
It is important to know that their are two types of Dodges. The first type is the Ground Dodge usually used to avoid a charging Titan, this type of dodge will break your combo streak. The other is known as an Enemy Dodge where Batman, leaps over an enemy, causing them to be stunned and stop whatever they are currently doing (useful for preventing incoming knife or stun rod attacks), this will also renew the timer on Batman's combo meter. Dodging over an enemy can be done as many times in a row as you like, and the combo meter will never fade as long as no other Fail-Out conditions are met. If you're not using Enemy Dodges, you must make certain to only use a single Ground Dodge and follow it up with another variation. It is important to note that the Dodge is most useful against enemies with stun rods, as dodging over their back to get behind them will allow you to combo them normally until they recover.