The Batclaw must be obtained through Story Mode, and another upgrade through Story Mode to grab 3 targets. Consider more of a variation combo and means of crowd control the Batclaw used in combat will grab the enemy and pull them towards you. They will stumble while standing for about a second, and then fall to the ground with a significant stun-time. The Batclaw can be incorporated into Batman's combo as a variation combo and must be immediately followed with a different move to continue the FreeFlow combo. The Batclaw is considered a slow move and takes careful timing to execute without being attacked while using the Batclaw.

Can be used as a Variation Starter: YES
Counts as a Hit: NO
The Batclaw will fail if you fire it into a direction where there are no targets. Perhaps more dangerous to the Batclaw usage, are Stun Rod Thugs. If a Stun Rod Thug is Batclawed at close-range it will stumble into you causing damage to you, thus ending your Combo Streak. If you perform a Batclaw from a significant distance, you can Dodge over or out of the way of the Stun Rod thug and prevent this damage, however it is often a risky move. A Batclaw Strike occurs when you Strike Stumbling enemies while they're pulled by the Batclaw.