Considered more of a variation combo and means of quickly knocking down targets while building up your combo, Batman's infamous Batarang can easily be incorporated into his combos. The Combo Batarang must be gained through WayneTech upgrades. It can be upgraded with the Twin and Triple Batarang upgrades, which cause Batman to throw 2 or 3 Batarangs once he has entered Power Strike Mode (a minimum 2-Hit combo). If Batman is not in Power Strike Mode, he will only throw a single Batarang, and you will not gain the Combo Batarang score or variation points. This move is a variation combo and must be immediately followed with a different move to continue the FreeFlow combo. This move is very useful in stunning targets that are running towards you while you focus on another target.

Can be used as a Variation Starter: NO
Counts as a Hit: YES
The most effective way to use the Combo Batarang is by tapping the Batarang button once while you're in Power Strike mode. The Batarang can count as a Failed-Move in a couple of different ways. Like with a strike, if Batman attempts to throw a Batarang in a direction where there are no standing enemies, it will fail. If you double-tap the Batarang button this counts as two attempts to throw it, the first of which is a success causing Batman to throw the Batarang, and the second is considered a Failed-Move. This is like mashing the Strike button causing Batman to not use Critical Strikes, except with a more extreme penalty. Mashing the Batarang button will cause you to lose your combo meter instantly, regardless of whether or not the Batarang Batman actually throws connects. This can be difficult to get used to, especially since the other combat Gadget, the Batclaw, is performed with a double-tap of of the Batclaw button, try not to confuse the two. Also, the WayneTech upgrade: Batarang Power does not affect the Combo Batarang's stun time, but only the use of regular Batarangs thrown during predator challenges.