Considered more of a variation combo and means of quickly stunning and interrupting multiple close ranged targets. Batman's cape can be incorporated into his combos. This move is a variation combo and must be immediately followed with a different move to continue the FreeFlow combo. The Cape Stun can be used sometimes to stop an incoming attack, but it is generally more useful to perform either a Counter or Dodge depending on the attack coming in. This move is very useful in stunning multiple targets who are too close for comfort, allowing you to crowd control multiple targets.

Can be used as a Variation Starter: YES
Counts as a Hit: NO
Cape Stuns can be chained indefinitely without causing you to break your combo streak, though this normally accomplishes nothing, you can use it to setup for something else such as a late variation move. Performing the Cape Stun in a chained combo, Batman can jump in to reach an enemy with the Cape Stun, as long as he was facing them when the move began. The most important use of the Cape Stun is against Knife enemies. After being Cape Stunned, a knife enemy can be attacked normally into a combo. However, if you Cape Stun a Knife Thug and then use an Enemy Dodge to get behind them, they will recover from the Stun and will no longer be attackable. If the Cape Stun hits no targets, it will count as a Failed-Move, ending your combo streak.