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The Advanced FreeFlow Combat section is designed to go much in depth into the combat system explaining in detail how the combat system works which you may or may not be aware of, but this will make you a better combatant. Let's start!

There are mainly two methods of how most people achieve their scores during the Combat Challenges. They are the Critical Strikes approach and the Variation approach. It's all about what makes you comfortable in how to engage your enemies and what feels natural to you and your play style. Naturally when you get better, you'll experiment with different techniques and explore different methods causing you to get better scores. The following are detailed explanations of the two different play styles and how you can incorporate the two into something you feel comfortable when you engage in combat.

Critical Strikes Style
This is probably the simpler of the two methods of play styles, and often used to deal with a larger amount of enemies. It's basically building up a combo and use lots of Critical Strikes building up for quick Special Combos, and continuing to stack the combo meter higher and higher through Critical Strikes and Counters. This requires a steady rhythm of just tapping the Strike buttons whenever you want to attack, so button mashers be aware. The use of Critical Strikes lands 2-Hits on the combo counter, then adds 20x to your score. The most common way to get this chain started is to perform 2X Strikes to get the Power Strikes going, and then it's just a matter of tapping Strikes and bouncing around from Thug to Thug doing Critical Strikes and doing the odd Counter to avoid being hit, combine Special Combos and Ground Pounds into the combo while keeping your combo streak alive will land you huge points the larger the streak is. Going on further and the more advanced version of this, is the combination of the other combat elements Batman has which is the Variation Style.

Variation Style
Variation Style is a more advanced approach, and more challenging as you're trying to get as many of the 9 combat elements into a single combo, while trying to achieve the other bonuses such as the Dark Knight and Flawless FreeFlow bonuses. Basically you start off with the Critical Strikes' Style approach and you mix in as many of the variations into your combo. If you achieve all 9X Variations you get a bonus of 5000pts at the end of the round, on top of everything else you've gained. Of course if you do fewer Variations you get less points; such as a Variation bonus of only 5X will only land you a bonus of 500pts. Variation Style is easier to perform and gained when you're dealing with a smaller crowd, thus being a better strategy to use at the start of the Challenge Rounds when there are fewer thugs or later as the round progresses as you trim down the numbers in rounds with larger numbers.