Batman's cowl not only hides his identity and providing protection. It's high-tech computer system provides continuous analytical, visual and environmental data. The logging of items, getting data, thermal imaging, night vision, communications and many various applications all provide the "World's Greatest Detective" the edge needed to collect evidence or the means of tracking trails isolated by forensics, solve any crime, or mystery. The Cowl of Batman is truly a marvel of high-tech engineering and is years a head of any civilian and most military grade technologies. Activating Detective Mode will allow a X-Ray/Night Vision view for Batman while displaying valuable information of his surroundings.

The main information box provides Batman all the required intel such as how many bodies are in the room, how many are armed, unarmed, or the condition of a target whether they be calm, nervous, terrified, unconscious or deceased.

Objects of interest will always show in solid Orange: Gargoyles, Ventilation Covers, Security Gate Controls, Riddler Trophies, Interview Tapes, and other objects that may not be interactive directly.

Items of interest highlighted while in Detective Mode are listed below.

Ventilation Cover
Wall mounted and held in place with security bolts.

Security Gate Control
Developed by WayneTech, these control points are considered hack-proof. Security sub systems designed by Lucius Fox.

Security Gate
Electrical security gates stop patients from escaping Arkham Asylum.

Locked Door
Locked high security door.

Structural Weakness
Structurally weak walls will collapse with a controlled explosion or when pulled with enough force.

Tracking Clue
Once set, Batman can track any tracable trail left by suscpects (tabacco, vapor trails, finger prints, DNA, etc..).

Gargoyles provide a suitable vantage point from which to survey a room.

Riddler's Challenge
Hidden all around Arkham, Riddler Challenges are setup by the Prince of Puzzles to test the World's Greatest Detective.

Joker henchmen armed with firearms will appear RED while in Detective Mode.

Unarmed people appear BLUE while in Detective Mode.